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รู้แค่ วันนี้.....ฉันยังเหมือนเดิม

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3 สิ่งมหัศจรรย์

กลับมาแล้ว คร่ะ
ปิดเรียนแล้ว ช่วงกีฬามหาลัย
มีอะไรเกิดขึ้นมากมาย เล่าไม่หมดเลย

กลับมาเขียน คิดว่าคงเป็นวันสุด ท้าย

เพราะ ไม่มีเวลา

วันนี้ นำสิ่ง ดีๆ มาฝาก


ThreE irRevocablE ThinG IN your life ARE....
3 สิ่งในชีวิตเราที่ไม่สามารถเรียกร้องกลับคืนมาได้

WorD - คำพูด         TimE - เวลา       And.... 
                                                                                                                  ChancE - โอกาส

ThreE undeniable things in your life ArE.....
3 สิ่งที่ควรจะมีในชีวิตเรา....

Serenity - ความสงบ    Honesty - ความซื่อสัตย์      And...
                                                                                                                 HopE - ความหวัง

ThreE uncertainties IN your LifE are....
ความไม่แน่นอนในชีวิต 3 อย่าง คือ....

Dreams - ความฝัน    SuccesS - ความสำเร็จ     And...        
                                                                                                                     Fate - โชคชะตา

Three things ThaT DeterioratE your life are....
3 สิ่งที่บ่อนทำลายชีวิตเรา คือ...

ArrogancE- ความหยิ่งผยอง LiquoR - สุรา And... 
                                                                                                                   Anger- ความโกรธ


KinD  hearts are the GardeN = จิตใจดีเป็นดั่งสวน

KinD thoughts are the RooT  = ความคิดดีเป็นรากไม้

KinD word are the blossoms = คำพูดดี เป็นดั่งดอกไม้บานสะพรั่ง

KinD deeds are the FruitS = การกระทำดีเปรียบเหมือนผลไม้  


----- ThE EnD -----


3 สิ่งมหัศจรรย์


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To help with your sleep apnea, you need to consult with your doctor about the best CPAP machine to use. Take into consideration both the noise and size of the CPAP machine. Some machines are smaller than a bread box and can be whisper quiet. Your doctor should be able to point you in the right direction of a capable machine.

If you have just been diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP, join a CPAP support group. It can be quite difficult to get used to sleeping with a mask on your face every night. Sitting in a room full of other people going through the same thing can be very empowering. You can learn from others who have had the same issues you are having and made adjustments to make it work.

Do not take sleeping pills if you suffer from sleep apnea. These pills are not recommended if you suffer from this condition because they relax the muscles of your throat. Skipping them can actually help you get a better night of sleep because your apnea symptoms are not aggravated.

Sleeping at a high altitude can worsen your sleep apnea because of the lower levels of oxygen. If you are going to a place located higher than what you are used to, take a CPAP machine with you. The best thing to do would be to completely avoid high altitude.

Attempt side sleeping. Many people with sleep apnea are used to sleeping on their backs. When you sleep on your back it can cause your throat and mouth tissues to impede your airways. Instead, you should sleep on your side and that can help your breathe much better. Put a pillow on your side if you always find yourself moving around during sleep.

An excellent way to help lessen the effects of sleep apnea is by losing weight. Sometimes, losing weight is all it takes to get rid of sleep apnea. Even a nominal amount of weight loss will go a long way in improving your breathing at night.

A great way to ensure that you do not sleep on your back and cause sleep apnea to occur is to use a tennis ball to prevent rolling onto your back. You can place one in a pillow behind your back and when you roll over in your sleep, the tennis ball will make you roll back on your side.

If simple changes in your lifestyle, such as regular sleep hours and losing weight, have not eliminated your sleep apnea episodes, it is time to consult with a sleep specialist. The specific causes of your sleep apnea can be evaluated, and an individual treatment plan can be designed for you.

By reading through the great sleep apnea tips found in this article, you are ready to face your problem head on. While you may not be able to rid yourself of the problem completely, you will feel more confident and start working towards that all-important goal, a good night's sleep.

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